Volunteer veterinarian needed for predator research in the Northern Cape

We are providing an opportunity for veterinarians to practice wildlife handling as part of a predator ecology research project in the Karoo. We seek veterinarian(s) on a short term locum to perform wildlife capture and handling for research. The research project involves a collaboration of South African and international universities and NGOs. The primary goal is to test the ecological and economic efficacies of various methods for minimizing human-predator conflict over livestock depredation. The study area includes Namaqua National Park and neighbouring farmland in Namaqualand, Northern Cape. The area falls within the Succulent Karoo, a scenic and globally recognized biodiversity hotspot. Field efforts will involve capturing predators (caracal, leopard) using leg-hold and box traps to deploy GPS radiocollars and collect research samples. Depending on personal interest, opportunities also exist for the veterinarian(s) to address research questions of their interest, such as stress hormones, parasite loads, disease etc. Due to limited research funding we are unable to offer a stipend, but housing and travel expenses within the study area while working on the project will be covered. The position will have a minimum duration of 2 weeks and maximum 6 months. Only one veterinarian is needed at a time. Please contact us stating your availability to be able to discuss a mutually convenient schedule. We are aiming to start predator captures in mid-January and continue captures until at least June 2015.

Bogdan Cristescu, Research Coordinator, Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment 
Kristine Teichman, Researcher, Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment
The Cape Leopard Trust
E-mail: bogdan.cristescu@uct.ac.za or kristine.teichman@ubc.ca
Phone: 061-157-2007 or 082- 666-6875